Cape Winelands Visit – Durbanville

An afternoon visit to Durbanville had me discovering the many options for wine tastings in very close proximity to Cape Town and our international airport.

A beautiful map that makes the drive to the Durbanville wineries easy to navigate and contact helped a great deal. First stop was De Grendel. Slick but quick to tell us that the kitchen is closing soon. Rather than offering a tasting we were asked how we could be helped. How about offering the options? When ordering a glass of Chardonnay again no option was given. Rather the R80 p glass reserve version was served.

Next up was Durbanville Hills. Anticipating the efficiencies of big Distel business I was still surprise to see the different options and spaces available. Manned with staff dressed in grass green t-shirts it was inviting and helped out with a great lunch.

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