West Coast Weekend #weskus

An hour west from Cape Town is Langebaan. Wild and untamed. Known as the Weskus. A water sport’s haven and this weekend also the host of the Weskus Marathon. A surprise sighting of the South Africa vessel, the SAS Drakensberg, was an impressive moment which my photo below not do justice.  The vessel remained moored at Donkergat, Langebaan, for the whole weekend.  This is the largest and most sophisticated naval vessel our country owns.  She was completely designed and built in South Africa.  She’s had quite a journey from her keel being laid down in August 1984 in the Sandock Austral Shipyard in Durban to being launched on 24 April 1986 and commissioned in November 1987.  What is her purpose? The SAS Drakensberg‘s supports naval vessels at sea and can deploy forces for extensive periods over long distances.  She is also able to hold 2 helicopters simultaneously and has a number of cranes to manage cargo.  Quite a lady!

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