Some Days are Spa Days – Charchele Beauty Spa, Hermanus

Living in Hermanus I am surrounded by natural beauty and ozone releasing champagne air that works it’s magic and has the ability to re-calibrate me. Nature serves as my inspiration and sanity and I don’t feel the urgency of regular spa sessions.  But when I do, I can feel the need for a treatment coming on a mile.

The previous Sunday I could not believe my good fortune when I was treated to a 90 minute full body massage at Carchele Beauty Spa at The Marine Hotel, Hermanus.  This spa is serene, inviting and calming.  The therapists are gentle and friendly and the benefits of the upcoming massage was felt before it begun.  I am a firm believer in the saying “anticipation of the pleasure is pleasure in itself”.

The 90 minutes went too quick while 5 different massage techniques were performed in the Peace Room.  Appropriate as the room was named as reference to the meaning of my name.  Spa wellness music looped in the background.  This is the same everywhere but here on the Cape Whale Coast it sounded as if there was a real seagull swooping by with a special call.

Carchele Beauty Spa has a number of enticing winter specials that are worth signing up for.  As an aftermath there is The Marine lounge where a glass of bubbly is the perfect end to some self-indulging pamper.

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