Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse – Romantic Food Lovers Retreat

The story of Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse is best told through images.  The main themes of this experience are Romance, Gourmet, Nature, Luxury.  The luxury lies not in the smartest or most expensive but in the attention to detail and the thought given to making each room and every meal special.  This is a family affair and the Poynton family makes a great team in presenting a showcase of hospitality – without the show but making a lot of case.

It would be difficult to capture the peace and calm experienced at this foodie dream destination.  It’s a place to relax and recharge – completely.  A place where life gets a little better the moment you park and take your first step towards a haven that’s enveloped by majestic mountains, tall trees and clear water streams.

The journey to Cleopatra is part of the anticipation.  I travelled from Durban through the Midlands Meander.  I made a few stops on the way as one does on this established tourist route.  The road was not good.  Fortunately the scenery provided a distraction between dodging potholes.  As I approached Kamberg Valley I knew I was getting close.  Once the Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse signs came in sight my excitement went NEXT LEVEL.  The next 24 hours passed in a blur of satisfaction.  I will return.  One day in the not to distant future.