Third Thursdays in Zwelihle, Hermanus

The purpose of First Fridays, First Thursday and similarly themed events is to bring people together in a space and place where they would not normally be on that particular day or evening. It helps to add some life and activity to a area that needs a pick-up or introduction to a part of the population that is hesitant to visit. The concept has been tried and tested in many parts of the world and also Hermanus where First Fridays has been going successfully for 5 years. This month the idea was stretched to an event in Zwelihle at the Youth Cafe at the RDP Centre on the corner of Mbeki and Zuma Streets, Kwasa Kwasa, Zwelihle. There was fish, pap and wors with chakalaka, Creation wine, music and poetry. The people came in small numbers and we look forward to seeing this grow into a monthly institution.