Art and About

I love having art around me. A piece to appreciate. Its the same as music, flowers, wine and jewelry. It makes me happy like a freshly made bed

Gianfanelli’s sculpture in Hermanus

or that first coffee in the morning. I also like how I have learnt so much from reading up in art work or its creators.

This week I was at Spier for The Business of Wine and Food Tourism Conference and saw the work of Marco Cianfanelli again. I saw his incredible sculpture at the Nelson Mandela capture site and am still filled with admiration for the 50 steel columns that sculpt Madiba’s face At Spier Cianfanelli has nine columns that complete The Dying Slave. Despite the fact that the columns stand separately it captures the emotion totally and completes the picture. This symbolizes synergy in art as far as I am concerned. I am thankful for the Hermanus FynArts team for bringing Cianfanelli’s sculpture and other work of art to Hermanus to develop my, and other locals, appreciation and education of art.