Wine Served Just Absolutely Right

It’s no secret that I enjoy fine wines.  And it’s not just about what’s inside.  A well designed label and bottle can be very convincing.  Then there is the small matter of stemware.  It matters too what type of glass you serve my wine in. Clear glass in a shape that complements the variety is what I’m after.

Last night I had a Creation Chardonnay Reserve 2016 in a Riedel Montrachet glass.  It was great.  The wider opening releases all the flavours of the wine and every sip lands perfectly on my palate’s Chardonnay spot. C spot landing guarantees true pleasure.  There’s more.  Wine needs to be served at the right temperature.  At the right temperature wine tastes and smells just… perfect.  Creation Chardonnay is at its absolute best at 10ºC.  Too cold might refresh the palate but does not bring out the best in the wine. Too warm?  It disguises the taste.

Below is an image showing the right temperatures for different wine varietals.  This infographic was produced by Latin America’s largest wine company Viña Concha y Toro.

Riedel claims that their glasses has the super power to “turn a sip of wine into a celebration”.  Fill 1/3rd of the Riedel Montrachet glass with Creation Chardonnay chilled at 10ºC and there’s magic!


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