Aristea the wine, Aristea the flower

The Aristea wine brand is a story of 3 men combining their talent to produce a bespoke range of wine.  It is not only what is in the bottle that is important but also the presentation.  The Aristea wine label features the flower of the same name that can only be found in South Africa and Madagascar.  This flower is very specific to a certain terrain and prefers mountainous areas.  Having selected a name for their collective brand the trio behind the brand decided that they needed to create a label appropriately reflecting their liquid art.  A picture of the artistea flower was not going to be enough.  No, it had to be a botanical work of art.  And this is where the wine brand linked with the Cape Whale Coast. Three artists made the shortlist but when they googled the first, Vicki Thomas, and her address stated “1 Aristea Drive, Betty’s Bay, it was an obvious choice. Vicki is as passionate about her botanical art as the men are about their wine yet there was no chance of a quick drawing.  This was a long term project that was going to take months.  Before even considering the job Vicki asked for an interview with the men behind the brand.  When she was satisfied that this project met her approval she started the process of providing Artistea with the most beautiful label.  A label that depicts a unique flower, a unique work of art, for a unique wine.  This is one of the good stories behind the wine we love.  We like this story because it is local and its about our local vegetation linking with our other great love, wine.

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