Camino Talk the Walk

I walked a part of the Portuguese Camino.  Enough kilometres to get the certificate.  What an experience.  It was like having a life coach whispering words of encouragement into your ear 24/7.  Only, it was ME doing the talking. And I appreciated my own talk.  Here are some of my notes to self.

  • Sometimes you have to look back to go forward.  We travelled through the historic town of Tomar.  It did not look like much until we crossed the bridge and looked back.  Spectacular view of cascading water complete with swans.
  • If a door is closed it does not mean that entry is impossible.  Just knock! This was at the station of Tomar. Druk die knoppie.
  • We travelled to Portugal to do the Camino but just as important to eat Pasteis de Belem.  The famous custard tarts.  I ordered 1, Brenda ordered 6.  We start eating and I think 6 Pasteis de Belem does not sound like much until you get to the fifth one.  Less is often more.
  • If you have to make a choice, ask someone who has been there.  We needed to choose between a bus and a train and asked a local who responded with the best advice. Advice is often not far, you just have to ask.
  • One step further can open a new world.  Don’t stop.
  • Go over the hill, the view will look different. This was a truism in Coimbra. Again a note to continue, to take another step.
  • Not all roads are straight.  Sometimes the road forks and you have to pick one route.  It’s your decision to make.
  • Celebrate when there is something to celebrate. Even the little things.
  • No hill is too steep when you are walking with a friend.  
  • Sometimes you look for something that does not exist. This was me wanting answers.  
  • We all get there in the end.  Some people walk fast, others stop to drink the espresso.  We all met at the grand cathedral of Santiago de Compostella.