Coffee in Kloof

Every time I go to Durban I add Sprigs to my list of places to visit.  Every time I fall short.  Not this year.  A last-minute meeting in Kloof put me in the right spot.  With the meeting done I followed my appetite to Sprigs in the Fields shopping centre.  The business was started by 2 sisters in 1998 and they are still at it with glorious seasonal fare raking in the good reviews.

I opted for coffee and something sweet.  It needed to be a hit and run exercise as I had to get back to Durban.  Without my usual Nespresso mug I was saved the guilt when I saw that the take-out coffees are served in biodegradable cups at Sprigs.  With that done I indulged in the snowballs on offer.  Balls of sweet yummy crunchy nuts dusted with icing sugar.  Totally delicious.  I brought home a pesto that still needs to be put to use and will make sure that my next Durban visit includes a lunch at Sprigs.