Weekend Walk to 22 Waterfalls

Porterville is a small farming village dotted on a Western Cape’s agricultural canvass. 90 minutes from Cape Town on good roads with plenty of pitstop opportunities this small town offers not a few options of sights but what it does offer is of outstanding quality.

We arrived in time for the unofficial Porterville ParkRun. The usual 5kms on a path that pass through orchards, vines and a sheep pen with only bird song and tractor noise to distract. The ParkRun conveniently starts and finish at the Saturday Farmers Market. A barn filled with local produce, tempting pastries, pancakes, biltong and everything we could have wanted for our stay-over. I replaced the energy lost through the run with soft poached eggs on crusty ciabatta and a cinnamon pancake while sitting in the shade of old trees with thick canopies. I marveled how good country life felt while the seats filled up and more people poured out of the barn with bulging baskets and happy faces.

Onto the real reason for the visit. A hike to 22 waterfalls in the mountains backing the village. A bouncy dirt road took us to the campsite and our cottage. From this base we departed for what was a bit more challenging than I was prepared. The path is marked with yellow paint and leads up ladders, over rocky clusters and across a narrow bridge. All totally worth to see the waterfalls of varying heights. Lots of cool water to drink and shower in. Some deep enough for a plunge. We braaied with a soothing soundtrack of a meandering stream tuning to the crackling fire.

The following day we took a shotleft to wineries of Tulbagh. Country breaks certainly makes a weekend feel like a holiday.

Porterville landscape
One of the many waterfalls at Porterville
Breakfast at Porterville Farmers Market

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