Welcome to Hermanus

Hashtags ruled Hermanus on Friday 7 August. From #HermanusIsOpen, #JerusalemaDanceChallenge to #LightSAred. Each supported with its own worthy cause and collaborative community effort.


#HermanusIsOpen hoist the hospitality flag inviting Western Cape travellers to visit Hermanus where restaurants, art galleries, adventure activities and nature reserves are open for rediscovery. With the Southern Right Whales back for their annual visit, the setting is complete. The town’s famous champagne air is an immune booster making this a trip with (health) benefits. The calling is clear – Why go anywhere, if you can go to Hermanus?

Bed linen and table cloths were used to stitch together a banner that is on display for the weekend in the Hermanus Old Harbour welcoming everyone back. There is also a yellow photo frame propped in a spot to capture a scenic Cape Whale Coast memory.


Next up – Dance moves to Jerusalema, the hit song by South African musician, Master KG’s. This song became the inspiration for a dance challenge that has been performed all over the world and has taken social media by storm. Challenge accepted! A flash mob was organized in no time by Estian of Haus of Performance and Carolyn Martin of Creation Wines. Estian led the way with enthusiastic dancers following energetically. In the spirit of unity a group of Emergency Medical Services staff participated and then went on to work a night shift.


The day closed with Bianca le Roux of Coastline Events and John of SoundWorks lighting the Hermanus Clock Tower building of Village Square red to shine a light on the impact that the Covid-19 lockdown has had on the events industry, live entertainment and gyms.

Three different events with the same message – Hermanus community is united in their striving to keep their town and its economy alive and can do so in a well choreographed way moving to the African beat.