New Hermanus Bakery

Daans Bakery opened recently in Dirkie Uys Street Hermanus. From 7am on weekday mornings this small bakery will be serving artisan breads of many shapes and sizes to Hermanus residents and restaurants.

Working with owner Daan Gonggrijp are bakers Talent and Innocent. Talent Musatyira has 10 years of baking experience to his credit and is in charge of the process. He has learned from the best. Paul Cremer of Woodstock Bakery taught Talent all he knows about kneading dough for that perfect loaf of goodness.

Talent is assisted in this operation by Innocent Mnyanzeli who is new to bread baking but happy to pursuit a career that follows that of his father who is a chef.

And Daan? THE Daan, after whom the shop is called, offers his Dutch’s heritage and experience in hospitality as the inspiration for this bakery. His family’s other Hermanus eateries – Dutchies and Ficks – will be benefitting from the supply of fresh bread along with the rest of Hermanus.