Bounce Back – Stanford Valley Retreat Day 1

Just the mere mention of the word retreat is enough to make me breathe out deeply! How we all need a calibration to our own True North in these weird times?

When the option of a local retreat came in the form of a Facebook event, I was sold. Everything gelled and I got booked for 4 days at the tranquil Stanford Valley, joined by my sister Amanda and friend Brenda.

We took the drive via Creation for a final shot of caffeine and sugar, dressed up beautifully as red velvet cupcake and cheese tart in Creation style. 40 minutes later, a friendly checkin by owner Elsabe and introductions to fellow retreaters we took a leisurely walk, had a dinner of grilled cauliflower and did a group meditation session before retreating to our comfortable Fynbos Rooms.

I feel the relaxation settling and am happy to report that the scale used for weigh-in also needs calibration as the digits were very much in my favour. Mission accomplished – 3kgs lost in an afternoon!

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