Bounce Back – Stanford Valley Retreat Day 2

The day started with the realization that this is a retreat and not a foodie breakaway. A thought confirmed with a breakfast of cold oats dusted with a few slivers of almonds and topped with half a strawberry. It was spooned very slowly to provide the sustenance for the 13,5km hike that followed. The walk brought us back to where we started at the dining room and we sat down for a green salad. With not much in my stomach I went to lie down and contemplated my misery in the spare hour before a movement class. Our shakeup on the lawn was rewarded with a bowl of soup. Delicious as it was there was no question about asking for seconds.

The beautiful Stanford surroundings filled my senses with awe in the absence of my stomach being filled. I could live here in this tranquil paradise in the gratuitous hospitality of our host Elsabe.

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