Stanford Valley Hiking

Hiking routes on Stanford Valley

From Stanford Valley – 12kms from Stanford – there is a choice of hiking routes – all with exquisite views. I hiked the main track of 13.5kms from where there are so many other walks to do – a little elevation, some jeep track and varied fynbos.

After a hike you could pop in at Stanford Manor House for some refreshments and more good views.

2 thoughts on “Stanford Valley Hiking

  1. Hello Frieda,

    There are more interesting hiking trails in Stanford. ‘Pig’s Snout’ is a nice example. And the nicest one is the one to ‘Crystal Kloof’ (beautiful hidden waterfall). Both are along the R43 between Stanford and Hermanus. Raka Winery (on the road to Van Brakel Store) has a hiking trail and there is also a hiking trail between Stanford and Tesselaarsdal. This one has a history; in the old days the barber of Tesselaarsdal walked this trail to Stanford to service his clients. Etc. Etc.
    Enjoy walking.

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