Bounce Back – Stanford Valley Retreat Day 3

Started the day with a Secret Sunrise experience at the dam. Everyone had their own headphones and tuned into facililiator Jill Lambert’s playlist. We moved to the beat while Stanford Valley woke up.

Then breakfast! No oats this time but a lovely spanspek coloured smoothy. After this my stomach teamed up with my mind and asked: “where is the food?”. My hangry day! Where was the good food that I associate with Stanford Valley Manor House? To take my mind off eating – is that even possible – I went for a short walk before we sat down for a salad lunch.

In the afternoon therapist Romy tackled my feet. Reflexology aimed to eliminate the endless supply of toxins that I have accumulated. We steamed and got warmed up in the sauna next to the Milkshed spa rooms before sitting down to a wholesome vegetable soup. Seconds were not allowed! The day was done after our usual meditation.

Secret Sunrise