Overberg’s Madeira

Fancy a foodie trip to Madeira? Look no further than Manny’s in Bot River. Authentic Portuguese menu choices paired with local wines. Think peri-peri. The last time I had chicken peri-peri was in Lisbon as per school friend Ilse’s recommendation. Tonight I got Rand for Rand the best foreign food experience that I’ve had in a long, very long time. Right here in the Overberg only 20 minutes from home.

Owner Manny de Andrade was born in Madeira and has been managing his namesake restaurant in Bot River for the past 5 years next to the cafe that he’s had for the past 13 years. He uses local olive oil, home grown herbs and chillis to create Portuguese flavours such as sardines, white bait, espetadas, chicken livers and chicken peri-peri. An extensive wine range including Villion, Gabrielskloof, Arcangel, Beaumont, Luddite, Paul Cluver (on the wine list with a K), Wildekrans, Paul Wallace and Elgin Vintners and Genevieve bubbly can be bought at excellent prices. No need to bring your own.

Manny’s is closed on a Sunday and Monday and serves breakfasts and lunch from 11:00 till 16:00 on any other day of the week as well as dinner. Go on and treat yourself, there will be no regrets. Only happy food moments.