Enlighten Education Trust – 20th Celebration

Enlighten Education Trust has been making a difference to Overberg education for 20 years. This year the manager Magriet Peter decided to introduce an annual lecture based on education related topics. The first lecture was held on 28 July 2022 in Hermanus and Professor Jonathan Jansen travelled from Stellenbosch to deliver an inspirational talk and added a piano recital for entertainment. A secondary aim of the evening was to honour previous chairman Henry Kuiper. 

Enlighten is seen as a burning flame in their efforts to fix education. The organisation has shown its passion for making a difference.  It is through the assistance of ordinary South Africans that this country is kept together.  “Your child isn’t safe unless every child is safe “remarked Professor Jansen.  He named 6 transformations required for education:

  1. Build school systems from ground up.  Focus on foundation phase, involve ECDs as the benefits will be multi-generational.
  2. The quality of the school can’t exceed the quality of its teachers.  Teachers should learn their skills by watching good teachers.
  3. Fix basic infrastructure at schools. There is a motivational effect of fixing the broken window.
  4. SA politics are short term.  Depoliticize service delivery at every level.
  5. Quick and direct consequence of corruption,
  6. Hold the entire system accountable for results.