Vine to Valley

When you need something extra to keep you customers spending more time at your establishment, you create an event. Wineries don’t generally need to entice visitors but maybe there’s method in attracting people in off-peak hours such as 8am on a Saturday. Coastline Event Management Conferencing and Sport stepped up to meet the challenge and… Read More Vine to Valley

No April Fool

April arrived without warning. No doubt that Autumn is setting in. No more long swims. Yet, the sunsets are beautiful and I shift from outside living to inside-outside lounging. Red wine for long nights. Making new playlists. Sorting through photos. All I ask of April is “please don’t fool me!”.

Nature’s Call

I just hiked 55 kilometers in De Hoop Nature Reserve. Close to the Southern most point of Africa De Hoop has 34000 hectares where you can hike, watch birds, relax and swim in the most beautifully eroded pools. From June to November you will also see whales. We hiked for 5 days and below are… Read More Nature’s Call