Art and About

I love having art around me. A piece to appreciate. Its the same as music, flowers, wine and jewelry. It makes me happy like a freshly made bed Gianfanelli’s sculpture in Hermanus or that first coffee in the morning. I also like how I have learnt so much from reading up in art work or… Read More Art and About

Street Art

What is more inspiring than walking down an average street and suddenly seeing a painting on the wall? That a few local artists would spend their time and creativity on shaping a mural for the benefit of the community and would never be able to sell their masterpiece for money is just so encouraging and… Read More Street Art

Phillipskop Rock Art & Heritage

Now, the Cape Whale Coast really has it all.  The addition of rock art at Phillipskop Mountain Reserve just outside Stanford in the Overberg adds further diversity to the tourism tableau of this area. Having achieved heritage status Stanford didn’t need further recognition but got it any way. Rock art images were discovered on Phillipskop Mountain Reserve on Easter Saturday… Read More Phillipskop Rock Art & Heritage