Historic Caledon Spa

I can’t believe that I’ve never been to the Caledon Spa (and Casino) which is only 40 minutes away from my home in Vermont.  I changed this sad fact today through a meeting with MTV about possible filming in the Overberg.  The meeting was an enthusiastic discussion about the merits of our region and afterwards I got to tour the property.

Caledon Casino & Spa is well known for the mineral rich hot springs which dates back to 1897 when sick sailors berthing in Cape Town on voyages round the southern tip of Africa would be sent to Caledon to heal at the springs.  The healing waters contains iron, magnesium and calcium with other minerals which make this the perfect medicine.  The thermal springs are known to speed up blood circulation, reduces stress, promote sleep and it is a natural pain reliever.

The spring on the property is also supplying 10m litres of water to the town.  This is per month and its impressive during times when water is such an issue in the Western Cape.